Monday, April 4, 2011

Define the Relationship

Soon & very soon, Jane Addams and I will part ways. I am glad of this. I am not connected to her the way I was to Biola. This is for many reasons, some apparent & some not so. However, this is not the space to discuss the whys and how comes.

Even sooner, I will be deciding if I want to become serious with Chicago or leave her. Maybe, that sounds wrong. I guess I am not the one deciding how our relationship will turn out.
The thought of not being part of Chicago in a little over a month brings me down. The whole "separating our possessions" will definitely be difficult. I think I brought a lot, both tangibly and intangibly to the relationship. However, I am sure I will be leaving with more than what I came with.

My heart & thoughts are all over the place. I need Jesus and his guidance. & comfort. & wisdom. & clarity. He is a better love than Chicago will ever be.

Also, I wont be working in La Mirada. God has let me know that He doesn't want me there in the fall.

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