Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Master Horn

Is what people will be calling me in 51 days.
Count it!

I will be a graduate school graduate. (that's not redundant)
I am excited to no longer have papers to write and articles to read.
I am excited to have the time to read for pleasure. We'll talk about the books in waiting in a different post.

I am excited to no longer endure all-nighters spent studying for Mental Health w/Adults.

I was reading back to my last substantial post written about two months ago. It included many questions about my future. I talked about my desire to live. My desire to spend my time in Chicago well.

What has happened since then?

::warning this post is a bit long::

Well... we got a lot more snow. In fact, we had a blizzard!

The night of the Storm

I believe it was the third worst snowstorm in recorded Chicago history.

Our Street

The morning after

The storm received many nicknames. They included: Blizzard of 2011, Chersnowbyl, Snowpacalypse, Chi-tastrophe, Snowmageddon, Blizzaster, Snowlocaust, Tsnownami, SNOWMG, SnowZilla, Snow Devil in the White City, Snotorius B.I.G., Ditka'sRevenge, Da-Blizzard, Deep Dish Snow, SNOWPRAH, Much Ado About Snowthing........

We went on a walk & stopped by the Pareja's.
This is Haddon taking a break from all that shoveling

Celebrating no school/work with a lovely roommate brunch

My first snowstorm was way fun. Made me excited about snow again. The couple of days we got off from work & school definitely helped in those regards as well.

I convinced some mates to paint a wall in my apartment for me.
The Before&After. It's a Chalk Wall!!

Thanks Josh & Kyle!

I learned how to cook pretty things thanks to Smitten Kitchen.

This is a Zucchini & Ricotta Galette


:::it is delicious

:::& fresh

:::& made from scratch

I got a new camera.

It is a Canon EOS Rebel XSi

<< Early in the morning.
<< Maybe 6 a.m.?

All photos in this post were taken using it.

<< This little guy likes to
<< sit outside our
<< window

I really don't know what I'm doing so many of the shots are taken in either basic manual or auto w/o flash.

Around the 'hood

I celebrated my 24th birthday. I hosted a party and had a blast
partying with about 20 Chicago friends!

The spread!

The friends

The Aftermath & Two Tired Roommates

Often in the past two months I've been able to spend a great deal of time with these two & their parents.

Can you tell how their personalities differ?

Since my last post of substance I've applied to three jobs. Westmont College, Moody Bible Insitute, and Biola University. I applied to be a Resident Director at each of these schools. I am hoping and praying that not only will I be asked to interview but that I will get hired at one of them. Only one of them. I don't want to decide between two or three options. I am anxious about hearing back. I am doubting my application and my experience/education. I have, for two years now, wanted to pursue a RD position. I've been encouraged in this pursuit, sought guidance, and spent much prayer asking God to make a place for me at one of these schools. At the heart of it all, I want to help students pursue after Christ. I want to walk alongside them in their spiritual formation. I want to contribute to a community that cares more about being disciples of Christ that having a sick college experience.

I am anxious that I wont get an interview. But I believe God has given me this passion and He will do something with it. That might not be a RD job. I can live with that. But He does nothing in vain, of this I am sure.

So I turn to Him in petition, asking that He would offer me a calling as a RD. I bow at His feet and offer Him my worries, doubts, and incompetencies. He knows what I am made of and what I'm not. I glorify Him for being long-suffering.

I don't know where I am going in less than two months but I know where I am, who I am, and who is petitioning for me. His name is Jesus and He's the best thing I've ever known.


Lauren said...

Love this post. Praying for you! Hopefully in a little bit more than 2 months I will be sending you post cards from Uganda but I still haven't heard anything :-(

Michelle said...

Ah hem. 1. I am excited for you that you will soon be school-free! 2. Your apartment is so cute! I especially like your chalk wall! Amazing! 3. You smitten kitten. I'm impressed! 4. You have applied to those three schools to be an RD! I was thinking/hoping this was what you wanted to update me on. Here we go! It's in His hands! I love the way you ended this blog. "I don't know where I am going in less than two months but I know where I am, who I am, and who is petitioning for me. His name is Jesus and He's the best thing I've ever known." May you find favor with the right school!

Sam Price said...

Alexandria Horn. Your writing is beautiful. Your heart all the more. Some of my favorites: the picture with the squirrel in it, your adorable apartment, that you got to celebrate your 24th Birthday with people that love you, and the way that you can see God in the big and the small. Love you.