Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Master Horn

Is what people will be calling me in 51 days.
Count it!

I will be a graduate school graduate. (that's not redundant)
I am excited to no longer have papers to write and articles to read.
I am excited to have the time to read for pleasure. We'll talk about the books in waiting in a different post.

I am excited to no longer endure all-nighters spent studying for Mental Health w/Adults.

I was reading back to my last substantial post written about two months ago. It included many questions about my future. I talked about my desire to live. My desire to spend my time in Chicago well.

What has happened since then?

::warning this post is a bit long::

Well... we got a lot more snow. In fact, we had a blizzard!

The night of the Storm

I believe it was the third worst snowstorm in recorded Chicago history.

Our Street

The morning after

The storm received many nicknames. They included: Blizzard of 2011, Chersnowbyl, Snowpacalypse, Chi-tastrophe, Snowmageddon, Blizzaster, Snowlocaust, Tsnownami, SNOWMG, SnowZilla, Snow Devil in the White City, Snotorius B.I.G., Ditka'sRevenge, Da-Blizzard, Deep Dish Snow, SNOWPRAH, Much Ado About Snowthing........

We went on a walk & stopped by the Pareja's.
This is Haddon taking a break from all that shoveling

Celebrating no school/work with a lovely roommate brunch

My first snowstorm was way fun. Made me excited about snow again. The couple of days we got off from work & school definitely helped in those regards as well.

I convinced some mates to paint a wall in my apartment for me.
The Before&After. It's a Chalk Wall!!

Thanks Josh & Kyle!

I learned how to cook pretty things thanks to Smitten Kitchen.

This is a Zucchini & Ricotta Galette


:::it is delicious

:::& fresh

:::& made from scratch

I got a new camera.

It is a Canon EOS Rebel XSi

<< Early in the morning.
<< Maybe 6 a.m.?

All photos in this post were taken using it.

<< This little guy likes to
<< sit outside our
<< window

I really don't know what I'm doing so many of the shots are taken in either basic manual or auto w/o flash.

Around the 'hood

I celebrated my 24th birthday. I hosted a party and had a blast
partying with about 20 Chicago friends!

The spread!

The friends

The Aftermath & Two Tired Roommates

Often in the past two months I've been able to spend a great deal of time with these two & their parents.

Can you tell how their personalities differ?

Since my last post of substance I've applied to three jobs. Westmont College, Moody Bible Insitute, and Biola University. I applied to be a Resident Director at each of these schools. I am hoping and praying that not only will I be asked to interview but that I will get hired at one of them. Only one of them. I don't want to decide between two or three options. I am anxious about hearing back. I am doubting my application and my experience/education. I have, for two years now, wanted to pursue a RD position. I've been encouraged in this pursuit, sought guidance, and spent much prayer asking God to make a place for me at one of these schools. At the heart of it all, I want to help students pursue after Christ. I want to walk alongside them in their spiritual formation. I want to contribute to a community that cares more about being disciples of Christ that having a sick college experience.

I am anxious that I wont get an interview. But I believe God has given me this passion and He will do something with it. That might not be a RD job. I can live with that. But He does nothing in vain, of this I am sure.

So I turn to Him in petition, asking that He would offer me a calling as a RD. I bow at His feet and offer Him my worries, doubts, and incompetencies. He knows what I am made of and what I'm not. I glorify Him for being long-suffering.

I don't know where I am going in less than two months but I know where I am, who I am, and who is petitioning for me. His name is Jesus and He's the best thing I've ever known.