Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm learning how to shoot people.

And dogs, inanimate objects, landscapes.
You name it. I'm gonna shoot it.
If you're lucky, I'll shoot you too.  

As mentioned, I took a one-day photo class this past Saturday.
It was quick & dirty in the best way.
The first half of the class was technical and the latter half practical.

Walking away from the class I am amazed at how much I learned in such a short period of time. BUT, I'm even more amazed that I am proud of any photos I've taken prior to attending this class.

I think I want to take a real photo class. I mean, I already know I like school a whole lot. & I like creative learning processes. Maybe, one day, when I've learned more and gained some confidence, I will start a business. Then I can shoot babies and couples, families and pets.

OK. Enough dream talk. You want to see the photos. & I want to show them to you.
Here are a few things I shot this week: 

Here we are in Mission Beach:::

Learning how to shoot in shutter priority mode (TV).
::::Look at how crisp that is::::
Oh hey man on a bicycle. Are you even moving?


Learning to shoot in Aperture Priority Mode (AV). Also, look at those fish scales. And if you get a chance, recycle. 

Back to the homestead:::

A face only a mother could love



If Harley had a facebook, this would surely be his profile picture.
Moses was being elusive today. 
He either was no where to be found or wanted to be as close to my face as possible.

 One time I bought a cute piggy bobble head with the intention to gift it to a friend. 
Next thing I knew, she was unwrapped and sitting on my desk.

 The sunset tonight was just beautiful. So I worked on +/- or exposure compensation. 
A simple adjustment that makes a big difference.

And that's all folks. Hopefully I'll find some inspiration this weekend. Then shoot it::::


heather said...

HARLEY. I CANT HANDLE HIM. omg so precious. i would like that printed out and framed for christmas please. these are wonderful. so glad you took this class!

will pareja said...

Good job, Alexandra!
With a blog post title like that, you are most welcome back to Chicago. You'll fit right in. LOL!