Monday, November 8, 2010

Remember, Remember the 19th of November

In 9 days Miss HMO is coming to visit me in Chi-Town and I could not be more excited. Heather and I went to Biola together, had classes together, lived in the same dorm, played pranks together, did ministry together.... I could go on and relive my past joys but I'd rather tell you about future delights!!

I have so many good things planned for us to do and see. Great eats, improv, museums, parks, coffee from local micro-roasting companies and of course we cannot forget watching the midnight showing of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part I!!!

I can fairly say that we are equally soooooo excited to be seeing this together. We are both huge fans, Heather actually having visited the HP theme park at Universal Studios this past summer and myself attempting to make recipes from the books (Don't ever try to make or consume Butterbeer, it's better left in fiction). In preparation I re-read the entire series this past summer in a span of about 3 weeks. That's a book every three days. NBD. I first began the series when I was in 7th grade, 11 years ago. Harry Potter has been an important thread in my life during such formative years and while I am filled with anticipation for the movie, I will be very sad when Part II comes out. It will be the end of an era.

image taken from bookshelf porn

Heather means so much to me and I am so excited/honored to share this with her. I am excited to spend 5 days with her, showing her my life in Chicago. I am excited to catch up with her, live life for a couple of days together, pray to God with her and hope for the future in her company.

Is God a God of blessings or what? Just thinking about this brings me so much joy. Thank you Jesus for lavishing us with grace and knowing that our souls need fellowship and communion with You & dear friends.

So here's to Heather's arrival in NINE days! HUZZAH!

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