Monday, July 19, 2010

Summertime in the Golden State

About a week ago I re-booked my plane ticket back to Chicago.
Originally I was to fly back on July 23rd. A day after my mom-sicle's birthday.

HOWEVER, after much thought I decided I wasn't done with my time in SoCal and thus decided to stay a month longer!

This way I get to spend more time with these two:
My little brother Chris and my sister Priscilla


Jill Maag Shaffer & my sister Beth: The best hiking partners.

and of course

Heather Marie Olson, HMO, Heezy, Hezekiah, Hezekiel

I get more great talks with

Sam Price-Horn (who always giggles when I say her name that way)

and adventures with these ladies

Theresa, Kari, Angelina & Emily
We all look alike because we're related.

perhaps some theological or harry potter related conversations with this guy

Johnny Pepper Dunne
Bummer Marisa Lauren Casias is in NorCal and cannot join in.

I love that I get to continue to go on long walks while engaging in delicious conversation with this beauty

my sister, Ericka Perryman, who will one day rule the world.

All these friends and more make leaving California very difficult.

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