Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jane Addams, here I come!

Tomorrow is my 1st day of grad school!

photo credit - Making it Lovely

Wont you celebrate with me, pray with me, get butterflies with me?

I have good things to share about my quasi sojourn in Chicago and I want to let you in but this past week has been so awkward and transitional, also I am currently without a camera, that feeling up to posting has been challenging.


Hold tight,
Good night


Amy Rae said...

I hope that your first day is utterly splendid and fantastic...everything you thought it'd be and more!! and enjoy ENJOY your time in Chicago, too! don't let the grad school consume your life...there's many a thing to do in Chicago, even (and especially) related to sociology.

Big Sister said...

Alex! I did not realize you had a blog... oh the joy of finding out I can keep up with you on Blogger! :) Grad school... what an exciting step-- hope your first few weeks have been enjoyable. I wanted to respond to your D.B. question-- I actually have not read "Life Together" yet (it's on my reading list!), but stumbled across that quote in another book and enjoyed it so much.

Hope you are well! Love to you,